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 Custom Graze Boards and Tables for Private and Corporate Events  

Serving NYC and CT

a grazing cheese box

The grazing board is the ultimate snacking experience

With a combination of locally sourced foods, artisan cheese, and charcuterie, it is a snack lover's dream come true! 

Crudité Grazing Platter

Taking the fuss out of entertaining 

No matter the occasion, there is always the excuse of bringing friends and families together. We believe that food is the common bond, and what better way than a grazing platter. 

Amazing Graze NYC creates culinary art through our grazing cheese platters, boxes and tables. We can turn it into a delightful culinary showcase or a centerpiece for any event, including Thank you gift boxes.  



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Take the fuss out of entertaining 

Looking for a unique and delicious way to bring people together?  Our grazing cheese platters, boxes, and tables are the perfect centerpiece for any event, from weddings to corporate gatherings. With our culinary artistry, we can turn your grazing platter into a delightful showcase that will leave your guests raving. And don't forget about our Thank You gift boxes - the perfect way to show your appreciation to friends, family, and colleagues.


Indulge in a feast for senses with Amazing Graze NYC, where culinary art meets grazing Cheese and Charcuterie boards, boxes, and tables. Our offerings are perfect for any occasion, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.

“You don't need a silver fork to eat good food.” 
- Paul Prudhomme

Hosting an event? 

Elevate your special event with our grazing table, creating a beautiful tablescape of food and conversation piece. 

Grazing Table

May Bayer, Lycée Francais de New York 

May Bayer, Lycée Francais de New York 


Jen Namoff, Soffer/Namoff Entertainment

Amazing Graze NYC is my new favorite party essential! Tiffany's platters are not only gorgeous, but incredibly tasty. She brings such artistry to her platters, and everyone who sees them is always blown away! 

Diana Prelvukaj

Amazing Graze NYC is simply that - amazing! I worked with Tiffany for my drive-by baby shower and she left my guests completely stunned with her work. The graze boxes were not only delicious but gorgeous! Tiffany also offered great customer service throughout the entire process. She was extremely easy to work with and helped us put together the perfect graze boxes for our guests. Can't wait to work with Amazing Graze NYC in the future! 

Hanna Kim, The Current

What a joy it was to have Amazing Graze NYC create a Pride and Fourth of July themed boards! They were certainly the center piece of our office happy hour and you could easily tell how much care was put into each little detail. We also ordered some gluten free and Nut free solitary cups and I never expected them to be so incredible. The entire ordering process was so quick and friendly and I cannot wait to place another order with Amazing Graze NYC. Thank you ! 

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